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Safe Growth: Avoiding and Overcoming Common Small Business Pitfalls

If you’re an entrepreneur ready to embark on a new home-based venture, it’s important to tread lightly. It can be deceptively easy to start your own business, but if you want to avoid losing time and money, you’ll need to acquaint yourself with the common pitfalls and the strategies for avoiding them.

Market Research

Before you commit personal resources to your business project, it’s important to first establish market viability.

● Many small businesses fail to develop thorough, relevant customer profiles. Take the time to identify your core demographics and how to approach them

● You may be entering a crowded market. Carry out a competitor analysis to see whether there is space for disruption

● Before projecting any finances, look into existing prices and running costs to ascertain how much businesses like yours typically require to function

Financial Management

Many small businesses fail due to poor financial management. Stay one step ahead and plan your money matters in advance.

● An airtight budget will detail any expected fixed costs, variable expenses, potential revenue, and net profit margins

● Up-to-date, reliable accounting software can save you money in the long term and is imperative for proper invoicing and expense tracking

● Consider hiring the services of an expert to help you create a sturdy financial plan


Your business strategy will often prove to be the difference between success and failure. Make sure you have a plan of action.

● Running marketing campaigns needn’t cost you the earth - you can design logo online for free, as an example

Social media marketing allows you to target specific demographics and represents a cost-efficient method for small businesses

● Develop a lead generation strategy to help you improve your sales hit-rate

Succeeding as a small business is as much about avoiding failure as it is about finding success. Take the time to acquaint yourself with any potential hazards and adapt to ensure your long-term survival.

Established in 2016, Barnes LTD Support Services offers expert administrative services for small business owners. Services include bookkeeping, notary services and more. Visit our website, at:

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