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I Just Can't Let Go!

Are you a small business owner considering hiring a VA?

  • You know a VA is more cost effective than hiring a permanent employee.

  • You know other business owners who have hired a VA and have met with great success.

Yet you just don't know if handing work off to someone you don't know is going to work for you.

As a professional VA, I understand. Most initial meetings with clients who want to know more about hiring a VA include comments like, "I just don't know if I can let go of my bookkeeping", or "I'm so nervous that you won't post messages and comments the same way I would". Concerns like these are both positive and negative. Let's talk about that today ...

Both sides of the story ...

Concerns are a window to our expertise.

A VA is happy to share his or her expertise with tasks that are currently taking valuable time you need to reclaim for work you need to focus on. Be specific about those tasks and your VA will help you understand that you are in good hands.

Trial periods are good for all. A VA agreement will often offer an 'out' if working together does not provide real benefits for both parties. That's the goal after all - enter into a relationship that results in a win-win situation. A fair trial period allows a VA to learn a clients voice and preferences, and gives a VA time to determine if the relationship is a good fit as well. Just like employer/employee relationships, sometimes working together is just not meant to be. It happens. The difference here is both parties are business professionals.


Just to touch on the negative side of a client's concerns as mentioned in this blog I'll hit on two quick points.

First, when a business owner is strongly attached to 'busy' tasks, it can be a demonstration of passion for the task being done the right way. It can also mean there is a secret better kept under the radar. A VA appreciates both. It makes a case for a VA to strive to do a job very well for the former, and for the intuitive VA it is an invitation to run FAST in the opposite direction given the latter.

Finally, when a business owner, or anyone in a leadership position believes they are the only one that can perform the busy work there may be a much bigger issue at hand. A tight grip on these tasks does not make one a better leader or business owner. In fact, it more often makes one more exhausted, frustrated, and stuck.

Do you want to learn more about how a Virtual Assistant can help you be more successful in your business? Do you feel there are tasks you wish you didn't have to do but just don't know how to let them go? I want to hear from you. Let me help you understand the benefits of working with a VA.

What are you waiting for? Contact me for a free consult right away!

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