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Our office had not used a VA before and were concerned how to work with a VA in the financial services industry and stay compliant with the BD. Kathy made us feel confident she could provide the solution we were looking for. She has streamlined the biz Marketing/linkedin/Web Posts/Forbes. Very helpful to other team members and she is able to schedule client meetings. We feel hiring a virtual expert was the right decision for our firm. She has been helpful to all members of our team by taking over the PR/Marketing. It has taken the load away from toher team members. We would recommend Barnes LTD to others. 


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I was overwhelmed by trying to create and manage a website. Posting blogs had me baffled, tags were not my forte. Kathy took the time to learn what I really wanted and she explained how to get it done together. She was prepared to provide exaclty what I needed. Not only did she create my website, she is managing it and helping me keep my blog. I appreciate what she has done to hlp me and would not hesitate to recommend her to others. 


We own a small construction company and were having a very difficult time finding someone to get our website up and running. We had two referrals who, after the initial meeting, must have fallen off the face of the earth because we never heard from them again, even after repeated phone calls. A company we do some advertising with recommended we contact Kathy Barnes with Barnes LTD. As they say, third time is a charm! After our first meeting with Kathy, we know we had hit gold! She answered all of our questions, offered suggestions on different layouts for the website, and was very knowledgeable about things that we were not, which was very helpful.  She worked with us closely, helping us gather the information we needed to have a topnotch website! Her response time to any of our questions was always quick. Our website is now up and running and we are very satisfied with the way it turned out! If you're looking for a website you will be proud of for your customers to visit, Kathy Barnes can help! I would highly recommend her company!


When I met Kathy at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon in 2016, I was focused on growing my PR agency. I knew I needed help, but I couldn’t hire a full-time employee.  Personally, I was doing very time-consuming tasks and ramping up marketing efforts, all of which was getting pretty overwhelming. I had never used a Virtual Assistant before but when I learned how Kathy could help with some research and administrative tasks, I was convinced a VA might be what I was looking for.  She was so helpful to me that I kept adding additional tasks to her plate such as writing, editing, research, contract negotiation and much, much more. I haven't regretted a single moment of hiring Kathy Barnes as my virtual assistant. Recently, I have asked Kathy to step into a project management role which has resulted in us working together on a much more consistent basis.


Kathy is an extremely motivated and industrious professional who does not take no for an answer. She is extremely business-minded and eager to drive whatever business she is in to the next level. Kathy has a very magnetic personality and displays a true talent in working with and motivating others. I would be honored and humbled to have Kathy on my team any day!

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I have had the good fortune in having Kathy serve multiple rolls in my operation. Kathy began her employment as a receptionist, a very good one!, and through hard work and dedication has become a vital part of my leadership team as Strategic Alliance Manager. Kathy is a dedicated self-starter who managed to obtain a BA in Business Management from Concordia University while handling the demanding responsibilities here without missing a beat. She has the knowledge and ability to roll with the fast changes the technology world throws us, forcing us to change business direction often and very quickly. She is a very talented person and has a rare ability for customer relations. She can and will do it all, at any time, without hesitation or complaint. She shines a very bright light of optimism and serves as an example for all of us!



I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kathy with my contracting company and my coffee company. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude helped smooth out some tough business days. Without exception feedback from my subcontractors and vendors was positive. All of them loved working with Kathy and especially appreciated her great working attitude. We are in the beginning stages of launching a website and I can’t wait to see and read how she will make my business shine to the world. Working with Kathy isn’t just a business relationship, it is a friendship.

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Best Admin Ever!



I ran into Kathy at a chamber meeting.  We reconnected, and she told me about her new company.  I knew I needed help managing the social media/SEO/SEM part of my business.  Kathy jumped right in and had a plan in place for me.  She told me exactly how she would create/improve my presence on all my social media sites.  She explained how she would keep my business on the first page of Google search and she always comes back with ideas to freshen things up and stir up more business.

Before I was using a large SEO/SEM company and not getting the results I wanted.  Now I'm getting calls all the time from potential customers that found us online.  I know my money is well spent and that my business will continue to grow, thanks to Kathy taking care of us. 

I never feel like just an account.  Kathy takes the time to answer my questions and put thought into all my social media posts. I've been very impressed and I don't plan to ever go anywhere else.

Client Testimonials: Clients
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