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The term "Virtual Assistant" has been bantered about for a couple of decades but is surprisingly uncommon to business jargon. People have questions - usually following the 'deer in the headlights stare'. It's alright, I understand. I love to answer those questions and watch the 'aha' moments come to life. You may have some of the same questions ...

What does a Virtual Assistant (VA) do?


A VA does the tasks of an Administrative Assistant, Project Assistant, Project Manager, Bookkeeper, or Editor. The difference between the VA and those people is that a VA does these tasks virtually.  


Why should I hire a VA if I can simply hire an Administrative Assistant? 


A VA is a contractor. For small business owners, a VA is available only when needed. You pay only for the time your VA is working on your tasks. No need to find things to keep an assistant busy. Additionally you are not paying costs associated with a W-2 employee when you hire a VA. 


How much does a VA cost? 


Great question!  A VA is the most affordable resource you can deploy for your business. Actual costs will vary by task, area of specialization, and a few other variables. Keep this in mind. The goal of a VA is to bring value to your business and help you reach your business goals. 


What are some goals you can help me reach? (This question was posed to me personally)


Some common goals a VA helps small business owners reach include:

  • Spend less time working - bookkeeping, project management, and digital marketing tasks are all areas of expertise for many VAs. Performing these tasks allows business owners to reclaim hours they need to focus on what is most important to them. 

  • Increased revenue - Less time spent on busy work means more time spent meeting new customers, building relationships, and growing the business. 

  • Catching up or keeping up with technology - For the business owner who isn't tech savvy, a VA is the perfect solution. When you need a software solution for operational efficiency or for marketing your business, your expert VA will do all the footwork for you and produce easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions for stakeholders to run with it. 


How do I find a VA?


Great question! Of course, you can Contact Me for a FREE consultation. We will uncover your business goals and formulate a solution to help you reach those goals. If we determine what you need is not an area I can personally help you with, I will recommend an experienced, trusted VA match to your needs.  

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