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Four Reasons Contractors Need a LinkedIn Profile

Some of the best marketing is relationship marketing. In today's business environment, social media has provided some of the best tools for targeting and engaging with the people you want to do business with. For the contractor a LinkedIn profile is among the top recommended social tools. I happen to be a big LinkedIn fan, and I want to share

some good reasons a contractors need a LinkedIn profile.

You have a choice.

You have lots of choices.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest LinkedIn ... and more. There is no limit to the number of social profiles a business owner can use for building good business relationships. If you are a contractor, there are 4 reasons I believe LinkedIn should be your top choice.

Business to Business Connections

The best and latest industry conversations are happening on LinkedIn. These conversations are opportunities to connect and engage with like-minded professionals and the clients they serve. In a less personal and drama-free manner, other contracting business owners are sharing ideas, struggles, and successes that work to strengthen B2B and B2C relationships.

Some of your best referrals could come from contractors and subcontractors you have worked with, who have seen your work, or who perceive you as a credible professional they have come to respect and admire. A LinkedIn profile is often where these connections begin.

Showcase Experience

LinkedIn offers a platform to showcase your company, your personal experience in the industry, and your work. Beef up your profile with past experiences and interests. Create a company page to showcase the work done by your team. If you have team members with LinkedIn profiles, encouraging them to add the company page to their profiles exposes your company to even more connections.

Improve Your SEO

Businesses today thrive when their website are visited often. A LinkedIn profile links to the website, refers to the website, and hands Google (on a platter) another item to populate search engines when people look for your business. A profile rich in keywords is another helping of Google candy and creates more buzz for your business.

Recruitment Tool

LinkedIn in one of the most used tools by job seekers and talent seekers alike. Serious job seekers will have a comprehensive and well crafted profile showcasing their talent, give your organization a great place to hunt for that next carpenter, plumber, project manager, or designer.

Making the right connections and posting job openings on LinkedIn offers the business owner a better selection than even some of the big recruitment sites that are more interested in quantity than quality.

These are just 4 reasons a contractor needs a LinkedIn profile. This profile should be planned and executed just about as carefully and thoroughly as your website. Don't shortchange yourself with a basic or incomplete profile. A full profile is a magnet for prospective clients and recruiters looking for contractors will the skills they need.

Most contractors know their craft inside and out. Social profiles, including LinkedIn - even websites - can make a contractor, comfortable with swinging a hammer and managing other contractor experts, squeamish just thinking about how to get started.

Do you realize the need for digital presence but don't know what the first step is to get there? We can help! Contact Barnes LTD Support Services. We can help you craft your message, showcase your skills and more.

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