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How To Look For A Virtual Assistant

You are a business owner stuck under piles of busy work and it is time to dig your way out. Through some diligent research you have;

  • Learned the value of delegating some of the work - Check

  • Learned about a cool resource and a hidden treasure that is a Virtual Assistant - Check and Check!

You have noticed a plethora of options available for finding a suitable VA but there are a few factors already working against you. Time is precious and the interview process can be long and tedious. The VA concept is new to you, so how can you be sure you are getting what you really need? There is hope - glorious hope -- for getting some of the work off your plate and into the hands of someone that will bring untold value to your business. Let's talk today about how to look for a virtual assistant and get the help you need.

Look for a VA that knows how to be a VA.

When searching for a VA to do these things for you, he or she should be well trained. A VA is an independent contractor and also a business owner. A well-trained VA won't be going it alone. He or she will be trained and certified, or in the process of becoming certified by branded experts in the field. Your VA knows how to effectively discover your needs and then partner with you to formulate a service agreement that not only takes busy work out of your hands, but also, and most importantly, adds tremendous value to your organization. He or she will be uniquely equipped to be your best asset.

Look for a VA that knows how to be a VA in YOUR industry.

Obvious, right? Not really. When searching for an expert in bookkeeping, social marketing, writing, website development, call screening, etc., it is easy to begin searching for someone based on that criteria alone.

Your well-trained VA will know the nuances of working with business owners in your specific industry. He or she will have worked in the industry in some capacity or be driven by a passionate interest in the type of product or services you offer. Construction companies looking for a bookkeeper or documentation specialist are best served by VAs that know the lingo and the unique regulations and requirements of the industry.

So how does a business owner find this awesome VA?

Here are my top 3 resources:

1. Expert VA® Training offers expert matching services at your fingertips. Options for locating the perfect Expert VA® include an optional free consultation, or a search tool where you can search for a well-trained expert VA by industry or area of specialization. At Expert VA Training, the VAs who have completed the Expert VA Training/Certification program are matched to the business you are in and to you.

2. Priority VA offers VA search options to business owners to match up thoroughly screened and carefully selected VAs. PVA offers 1:1 VA options and business owners subscription services ensuring members access to a premier pool of US and Canada based VAs.

3. Book a free consultation with me! No, I won't try to sell you on Barnes LTD as your ideal VA unless, of course, my expertise just happens to line up with your needs. I am regularly connected with a group of experts in a variety of fields and disciplines, so you are in great hands. Our consultation call is designed to uncover your needs and lead you to the resource that will bring the most value to your business. Our goal at Barnes LTD and the goal of the experts I work with is to help you reclaim hours you need for what matters most to you.

Hiring a VA for your business doesn't have to be complicated, but it can be overwhelming if you don't know how to look for one. These resources can help match you with the perfect VA!

Updated June 2020

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