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Co-Working Space is Changing Business for Good!

Do you want another cool tool for being more productive and a whole lot more? Co-Working space! You read that right, co-working space. In less than 5 years the use of and the demand for co-working space has grown quickly. For good reason.

Stuffy private offices and isolating cubicles and workstations are on the way out. Evidence suggests these environments feed stress levels, stifle creativity and are not conducive to collaboration even among immediate co-working groups. You can read a ton about the benefits of co-working spaces for startups, freelancers, and small business. Think about those same benefits for well-established businesses. An off-site alternative for larger corporations can present the same benefits as those enjoyed by entrepreneurs and small businesses. Today, we make a case for co-working spaces as one more cool productivity tool that can change business for the good of it!

My favorite, More Productivity!

Co-working spaces allow for and encourage more productivity. Listen, I work at home 80% of the time, in a home office (a converted guest bedroom). Not a day goes by when I can’t think of a million things –. not business related - that need to be done and they are only a few steps away Distractions all around me! In a co-working space, the buzz of other enthusiastic productive workers surrounding us is infectious – not distracting.

As for the co-working space for a larger corporation, this space revamps the traditional cube farm and wall of private office spaces and transforms it into large open space. It might resemble a huge coffee shop lounge with tables and unassigned workstations and relaxing decor all around. Productivity is enhanced when verbal and physical communication is welcome and encouraged. Walls and small cubicles do NOT speak ‘welcome’. Competition among co-workers is reduced in larger open spaces. It is said that in co-working environments, companies and the people that work in them are more likely to thrive.

The more part – Easy on the budget

Co-working spaces are budget friendly for business in several ways. First, most co-working spaces are membership based. Firms pay a monthly or annual membership fee and all the benefits of the co-working space are at their disposal for as long as the membership is maintained. Support staff, use of office equipment and services are usually included in the membership fees, so additional costs associated with them is reduced. Memberships are typically non-binding. There are no 5-year or 10-year lease contracts binding an organization to a building.


For the solopreneur, the start-up, and the small business co-working space offers a sense of community. In a shared space where different businesses are operating, workers develop a connection with other businesses and people. There is diverse interaction and opportunity to interact with the very heartbeat of business in the community.

There are co-working spaces designed just for women

offering women an opportunity to connect and interact in ways unique to them. Some are geared to and cater to the tech industry opening doors to unique and nurturing relationships in that community. There are co-working spaces especially suited to many industries that are designed to help their respective businesses collaborate, grow, and thrive.

Opportunities galore!

Besides opportunities for creativity, collaboration, a sense of community and productivity (not that you need more great benefits than these), there is business opportunity in co-working space. Working in a space with people in businesses other than your own creates the possibility of expanding networks and building new business relationships. Additionally, these spaces often host networking events to both draw attention to their workspace model and gain new members, and to give its members a great place to meet future clients and business partners.

More productivity, budget friendly, more connections, and a sense of community. All great reasons to consider co-working space for your organization. It’s no wonder there are thousands of co-working spaces globally [1] and their popularity is growing. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out a few of the co-working space websites we looked at.

Note: Most of these are in the Greater St Louis Area. That may be because I am a little partial.



RISE Collaborative Workspace




[1] Small Business Labs -

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